Our attention has been drawn on some bloggers/individuals/entities using our name and logo to promise loans for government and non-government workers.

We officially write to dissociate ourselves from these fraudsters and also urge the public to do same. They invade social media platforms with our logos to advertise loans and other services.

We have not employed people as our LOAN AGENTS. Disregard any such claims and report them appropriately to the police.

We have taken steps to report them to the Bank of Ghana and the police who are investigating their activities. We shall update you on progress very soon.

Kindly beware of them and be guided by the following;

  1. We Don’t work with any loan agents
  2. DO NOT send money as form fees or initial deposits to MoMo account on promise of facilitating a loan for you or any purpose.
  3. Only deal with our company through our registered office in Obuasi or contact us on +233 243-163900
  4. We do not sell loan forms
  5. Do not be deceived by sending money through MoMo to anyone.
  6. Do not send money via MoMo to any Vodafone number registered in our name as STEGENOR LTD, STEGENOR LOANS, OR STEGENOR MICROFINANCE LTD. These are fraud accounts.
  7. Do not send money to 0202278592, Joseph Isour Kwoa. This is a fraud account
  8. Avoid chats with MTN number 0557551489. This account is a fraud account who solicits deposits with loan promises through form fees and account operational deposits. Report to the nearest MTN office, Police station when contacted by this number.
  9. Avoid dealing with loan fraudsters who use our name, logo, pictures and other registered tools to introduce themselves in deceit of soliciting for your monies. It is against our operational policies and Bank of Ghana guidelines.

Lastly you can send all complaints to our contact service on +233 243-163900 via voice call/ and messaging or email us on Stegenor@gmail.com if need be for further assistance.


Management, Stegenor Microfinance Ltd