In Stegenor Microfinance, our charge to service is made visible through our efforts at keeping commitments, supporting our communities and bringing solutions to the needy and vulnerable.

Our long lived partnership with Rotarians in Kumasi and Obuasi is making history in Ghana through the efforts of providing clean water and sanitation to communities in Ashanti, Central and Bono Regions of Ghana. With support from The Rotary Foundation, we are close to impacting 1 million lives through the implementation of 6 global grants within four years. 

Anwonkrom community has received the gift of clean water from Obuasi Water Grant 21-29944 in Ghana.

We have economically empowered more than 2,490 women in active trade and start-ups to be able to improve their homes and support basic needs for their children. Through village savings and loans groups (VSLGs) trained members are able to access microloans for farming and small businesses.  We are also providing microcredits to support the construction of boreholes and household toilets.

These projects are well sustained in our joining communities through Rotary Community Corps members formed with local members within the project locations. Fetch fees are charged to maintain the wells and also pay for the metre bills. Communities are currently making savings for their own development courses.

We are proud to demonstrate our social license by making sure our communities have sustained access to WATER, SANITATION AND HYGIENE.

School Toilet for Asaase Bombesea Primary School in Obuasi